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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive.

If you can't find an answer here, feel free to contact us!

What size table should I choose?

  • You should choose the best size that fits your room and how many people you plan to seat at a given time. A good rule of thumb is to allot ~24" of space per person that you plan to seat; however with square tables this rule needs to be slightly adjusted, as you would have two people seated too closely together on the corners of the table and of course, the larger the table, the more room each person would have. You will also need to account for the width of your chairs; large chairs will take up more space and you would again need to increase how much room each person is allotted. Another great way to maximize your seating capacity is to incorporate a chair/bench combination to your layout. Benches take up less room, but allow more people to sit comfortably at the table. Use this chart to pick the best seating options for you:

48"x48" will seat four people with 4 chairs comfortably or six people with 2 chairs & 2 benches


54"x54" will seat eight people with 8 chairs (with just enough room) or 4 chairs & 2 benches


60"x60" will seat eight people with 8 chairs comfortably or 4 chairs & 2 benches


66"x66" will seat eight people with 8 chairs comfortably (with more room) or ten people with 4 chairs & 2 benches


72"x72" will seat ten to twelve people with 10-12 chairs or 6 chairs & 2 benches

What are my delivery options?

  • We offer FREE delivery within the continental United States. Most deliveries will be curbside. Any deliveries that may fall outside of typical residential service (ex. ferries, tolls, stairs/elevators, additional requirements), will be subject to additional fees.

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